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Never Would I Ever Jump Out of an Airplane…oh wait, I did that in New Zealand!

By: Michelle   |   August 18th   |   Blog   |   no Comment I Survived

Every traveler is looking for some sort of experience on their journey to another part of the World. Why else would you travel? My 33rd birthday was spent in New Zealand acting out parts from the Lord of the Rings movies. I was actually standing in the same spots that Peter Jackson used whilst filming […]

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I Fell In Love In Disneyland

By: Michelle   |   July 27th   |   Blog   |   no Comment image1

Disneyland is celebrating its 60th Diamond Anniversary this year, which is close to the same number of times that I have been there! My first trip to Disneyland was when I was 6 years old. My mom, dad, 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister all piled into our station wagon that closely resembled the […]

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Why Cuba?

By: Michelle   |   March 31st   |   Blog   |   no Comment santa-maria-del-mar-cuba-1930

For those who have never been to Cuba, there are a wide variety of interesting, exciting surprises just waiting to be discovered. While many people assume it is just another island with beaches and palm trees, not unlike many other Caribbean islands, their impressions couldn’t be farther from the reality of the unique experiences that […]

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The Best Flying Tips!

By: Michelle   |   January 29th   |   Blog   |   no Comment #4

  We’ve all been there – trying to suppress your ’flight rage’ after having to endure a seemingly endless flight near the rude or inconsiderate traveler that always seems to be seated right near you.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Iceland

By: Teresa   |   January 20th   |   Blog   |   no Comment things to do in Iceland: northern lights

A trip to Iceland can be a fantastic experience, especially if you plan ahead and consider all the activities there are to do. The beauty of Iceland has been widely ignored by the world of travellers, meaning those looking to take a trip may have no idea what to expect. You may be anticipating ice skating, skiing, or general winter activities, but Iceland’s name is a bit deceiving. There is so much more to this incredible country than ice. Check out our list of the top 10 things to do in Iceland and see which ones you’d like to add to your list.

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